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Brighten your smile with Dental Veneers in Santa Rosa, CA

Brighten your smile with Dental Veneers in Santa Rosa, CA

Are you hiding your teeth when you smile? Perhaps you’ve noticed that you are starting to avoid having your photo taken because of imperfections on your teeth. The team at Vineyard Dental Group wants to change that with the help of porcelain dental veneers.  With this versatile and effective cosmetic solution, you can achieve the smile of your dreams faster than you think. If you would like to learn more about porcelain veneers, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain dental veneers are a high-quality cosmetic restoration that disguise imperfections on the front of teeth that are visible in the smile. They are ultra-thin and closely resemble natural tooth enamel so that they blend in seamlessly in your smile.

What Problems can Porcelain Veneers Address?

If you have several flaws that you would like to correct at the same time, porcelain veneers may be the perfect cosmetic solution for you. They are versatile enough to be used on a wide range of common imperfections including:

  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Worn down enamel
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Deep / Permanent discoloration
  • Uneven lengths
  • Teeth that are oddly shaped

Getting Porcelain Veneers

The process for receiving porcelain veneers takes two appointments once we’ve determined that you are a good candidate for the solutions. In the first visit, your teeth will need to be slightly altered to allow room for the veneers. After this, we will take detailed impressions of the teeth that are to receive veneers and send these to a lab for custom fabrication. In the meantime, the tooth or teeth will be covered with temporary veneers.

Once your final dental veneers are ready, you can return for your final appointment. The dentist will make sure that each veneer looks and feels right by placing them on the teeth with a temporary bonding agent. Small adjustments can be made in the office and once you are satisfied with your smile the veneers will be permanently bonded to the front of your teeth.

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Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

  • Versatile – Can be used to treat multiple cosmetic problems.
  • Long-lasting – Veneers that are crafted from high-quality porcelain can last for decades with proper care.
  • Natural-looking – Porcelain reflects light similarly to natural tooth enamel.

Your New Smile Awaits – Call your Santa Rosa, CA dentist today

If you need a solution to broken teeth, cracked teeth, or other imperfections, it’s time to learn more about porcelain dental veneers. To find out if they are right for you, call Vineyard Dental Group at (707) 545-0944.

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Vineyard Dental Group offers comprehensive dental care for patients in Santa Rosa by understanding their unique needs. Dr. Reza Saeidi is a qualified professional with years of expertise in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. He and his skilled associates use advanced technology and modern equipment to provide the patients with the most effective solutions for their dental concerns. The facility is designed with modern amenities and the staff is committed to helping patients enjoy a pleasant dental experience.

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