Having a healthy, beautiful smile isn’t just an asset, it’s an important part of your total health. At Vineyard Dental Group, our preventative dentistry solutions are among the most important we offer for patients in Santa Rosa, CA. While our office is equipped to handle dental decay and decay, we prefer to help our patients avoid these services whenever possible. Our quality preventative dental care includes comprehensive checkups, professional cleanings, custom oral appliances, and other specialized services are designed to preserve oral health for the whole family.

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Preventative Dental Services in Santa Rosa, CA

Professional Dental Check-ups & Teeth Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings are essential to removing harmful plaque, bacteria, and tartar that cannot be eliminated with just at-home oral hygiene. We strongly recommend that patients of all ages visit us at least every six months. During these visits we will perform a comprehensive dental checkup, looking closely at each tooth, the gums, your bite, and the integrity of any existing restorations.

During these appointments, we are always available to listen to any oral health concerns you have and will work with you to develop a plan of action to make your smile as healthy and beautiful as it can be.

Custom-Fit Night Guards and Sports Guards

Nighttime bruxism (or teeth grinding) can cause several uncomfortable symptoms. For individuals who wake up frequently with jaw pain or headaches due to bruxism, we offer custom-fit nightguards. If your child is active in sports, a custom-fit sports guard is a comfortable, flexible option to protect their teeth from physical contact.

If you’re looking for comprehensive preventative dentistry that is tailored to the individual needs of every member of your family, we welcome you to call Vineyard Dental Group in Santa Rosa, CA today to schedule an appointment. Call (707) 545-0944.