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A Guide to the Cone Beam CT Scan from your dentist in Santa Rosa, CA
Cone Beam CT

A Guide to the Cone Beam CT Scan from your dentist in Santa Rosa, CA

At Vineyard Dental Group in Santa Rosa, CA, we provide advanced diagnostic and imaging tools so that we can deliver the best treatment possible to our patients. With the Cone Beam CT scan, we can get highly detailed and accurate imaging of the head and mouth area for a more accurate diagnosis. If you would like to learn more about cone beam imaging and the other diagnostic tools we use, please contact us today at (707) 545-0944.

What is Cone Beam CT Scans?

Cone beam 3d imaging technology allows us to develop a three-dimensional image of the nose, neck, ears, throat, mouth, jaw, and teeth. While traditional x-rays capture a two-dimensional image, 3d imaging captures clearer images of the oral and facial structures and how they function. With 3d imaging, we can see all facets of a damaged tooth and all aspects of the complete smile. The technology allows us to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments best suited to your needs.

What can Cone Beam CT scans be used for?

At Vineyard Dental Group, we may use cone beam 3d imaging for:

  • The placement of dental implants
  • A comprehensive view of the head and neck
  • Diagnosing and evaluating the extent of tooth decay
  • Diagnosing endodontic problems
  • Planning root canal therapy
  • Evaluating dental and facial trauma for treatment
  • Planning for and evaluating the progress of orthodontic treatment
  • Diagnosing TMJ problems
  • Planning for oral surgery and tooth extractions

Safe & Highly Accurate Diagnostics for More Effective Treatment

We believe that the health and safety of our patients are our priorities. Cone beam imaging uses very low doses of radiation, unlike traditional x-ray technology, which reduces unnecessary radiation exposure.

With its precise imaging, Cone Beam CT Scans allow us to customize treatments to protect facial nerves and bone structure, thus providing faster healing and minimized pain.

Contact the team at Vineyard Dental Group in Santa Rosa, CA today

We are committed to the use of high-quality dental scans to allow accurate diagnosis as well as successful treatment planning and completion. It’s just another way that we are raising the bar when it comes to dental care in Santa Rosa, CA. To book an appointment, please give us a call at (707) 545-0944.

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