Cone beam CT scanners are a type of x-ray imaging that produces a much more detailed image of your mouth. The CT scan allows a dentist to create a 3D image to check the health of your teeth, roots and nerves, and your sinuses. At Vineyard Dental Group, we offer cone beam CT scans for patients in Santa Rosa, CA.

Safe and efficient diagnostics

While the cone beam CT scan uses much less radiation than other imaging treatments, and it produces pictures much quicker than standard x-rays. A single scan can also provide a picture of the bone and soft tissue from a wide variety of angles, reducing the need to take multiple images.

The 3D image will give Dr. Saeidi more information to evaluate the progress of orthodontic treatments, and craft treatment plans to protect your bone structure and the nerves in your face from permanent damage. This information can be used in the placement of dental implants, plan a root canal, and get a complete picture of the effects of dental or facial trauma.

During your scan, you will sit in the chair attached to the CT scanner. The x-ray source is mounted on an arm opposite of the x-ray detector, and it will rotate around your head. The process will only take a few moments but provide up to 200 pictures of your neck and mouth that will be composited into a single 3D image.

Early intervention is crucial

Tooth decay and bone loss happen slowly over time, and without precise imagery, it can be hard to miss the beginning stages. The sooner Dr. Saeidi can treat these issues, the more options you will have, and the more you can preserve your existing teeth and bone. Dr. Saeidi will take the time to educate you on all the ways he can address existing problems and give you the tools you need to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Routine cleanings and dental exams are crucial to your health. Contact us at (707) 545-0944 today to set up an appointment and learn more about the benefits of a cone beam CT scan in Santa Rosa, CA.

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