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Emergency Dentist Provides Urgent Dental Care in Santa Rosa, Ca Area
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Emergency dentist provides urgent dental care in Santa Rosa, CA

When tooth pain strikes, it can be overwhelming and prohibit you from being able to go about your daily tasks. In addition, accidents can happen at any time, leading to issues such as broken or knocked out teeth, lost dental restorations, and more. Patients in the Santa Rosa, CA area can rely on emergency dentist Dr. Reza Saeidi at Vineyard Dental Group to provide urgent dental care when they need it.

Types of dental emergencies

The mouth and jaw are complex structures and there are a variety of issues that can occur that warrant an emergency trip to the dentist. Common dental emergencies that we treat include:

  • Abscess
  • Loose or knocked out tooth
  • Unexplained pain in a tooth
  • Jaw pain or injury
  • Gum injuries
  • Dislodged, broken, or missing dental restorations (such as dental crowns)

If you are dealing with a medical emergency such as bleeding that can’t be stopped or a broken or dislocated jaw, it is best to seek medical attention at the emergency room rather than a dentist. Once the immediate injury is resolved, we can help you with any dental treatments that are required to help restore health and function to your teeth and gums.

Sometimes, something as simple as a piece of food lodged in your teeth can be causing immense pain, whereas other times, pain can be a true indicator of something serious that needs to be treated right away. At Vineyard Dental Group, we are always happy to talk through your issue over the phone to help you determine when to come in to the office. We will also provide you guidance on how to manage your issue before you are able to come in, with information on how to preserve a knocked out tooth, how to deal with pain, or other advice as appropriate. Our goal is to see you as soon as possible to get you out of pain and back to your normal life.

Unsure? Don’t hesitate to call

If you are in need of emergency dental services and are in the Santa Rosa, Sonoma, or surrounding areas, please do not delay in calling us at Vineyard Dental Group. We are here for you when you need us at (707) 545-0944.

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