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CEREC Crowns Technology in Santa Rosa CA Area
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Same-day crowns with CEREC technology in Santa Rosa, CA

Dental crowns are a versatile dental restoration that are used in a variety of circumstances to restore the function of a tooth, protect it from damage, and enhance the tooth’s appearance. While the traditional process for placing dental crowns takes weeks and multiple visits to the dentist, patients in the Santa Rosa, CA area can benefit from same-day crowns with CEREC technology at Vineyard Dental Group.

What is a same-day CEREC crown?

What Is a Same-Day CEREC Crown in Santa Rosa CA Area

Traditional dental crowns require two visits to the dentist, typically spaced a few weeks apart. In the first visit, the dentist shapes your tooth for the crown and then dental impressions are taken with a putty that is used to fabricate your crown in an off-site laboratory. A temporary crown is typically placed during this time to help protect your tooth and reduce sensitivity while you wait for your crown to be made. Then, when your permanent crown is ready, you come back into the office and have it cemented on to your tooth.

With same-day crowns, this process is pared down into one convenient visit. After shaping your tooth for the crown, rather than using physical molds to create dental impressions, we use a digital camera to take the impressions. Dr. Saeidi then uses advanced computer-aided drafting (CAD/CAM) technology that is connected to the CEREC milling machine to create your crown out of a block of ceramic—all right in the office while you wait comfortably, catching up on emails, reading a book, or taking a short nap. Once it is ready, Dr. Saeidi checks the fit and bonds it to your tooth, and you are free to enjoy your beautiful new restoration!

Benefits of a CEREC crown

Patients and dentists alike love CEREC crowns because of their many benefits. Same-day crowns using digital CEREC technology are:

  • Convenient: with today’s hectic schedules, the value of saving time and stress associated with multiple visits to the dentist’s office and eliminating the need to “baby” a temporary crown should not be underestimated!  
  • Durable: CEREC crowns are made from modern dental ceramic, which is strong and long-lasting
  • Precise: rather than using physical putty impressions that can lead to an imprecise fit, the digital impressions taken using our advanced digital technology ensure that the crown is created to fit your tooth perfectly

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