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Same-day crowns with CEREC technology in Santa Rosa, CA

CEREC Crowns Technology in Santa Rosa CA Area

Dental crowns are a versatile dental restoration that are used in a variety of circumstances to restore the function of a tooth, protect it from damage, and enhance the tooth’s appearance. While the traditional process for placing dental crowns takes weeks and multiple visits to the dentist, patients in the Santa Rosa, CA area can benefit from same-day crowns with CEREC technology at Vineyard Dental Group. What is a same-day CEREC crown? Traditional dental crowns require two visits to the dentist, typically spaced a few weeks apart. In the first visit, the dentist shapes your tooth for the crown and … Continue reading

ClearCorrect: the nearly invisible alternative to braces in Santa Rosa, CA

ClearCorrect Braces in Santa Rosa CA Area

Feeling great about your smile can have a positive ripple effect on your whole life – when you are confident in your smile, it shows and others take notice! If you find yourself hiding your smile because of crooked teeth, gaps, or crowding, ClearCorrect may be the perfect treatment for you! This nearly invisible alternative to braces offered at Vineyard Dental Group in Santa Rosa, CA discreetly straightens your teeth comfortably and effectively. How ClearCorrect works ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment is an advanced dental technology that delivers terrific results – without the unsightly and uncomfortable metal brackets and wires associated with … Continue reading

CEREC same-day dental crowns in Santa Rosa, CA

Cerec Dental Crowns in Santa Rosa CA Area

Dental crowns have been used for decades in dentistry to restore the function, health, and strength of teeth that have been damaged or injured. Historically, the placement of a dental crown was a two-visit process that occurred over the course of multiple weeks and required the placement of a temporary crown that you had to “baby.” Fortunately, with modern CEREC technology, Dr. Reza Saeidi can place Santa Rosa, CA area patients’ crowns in just one visit. Why a crown may be recommended Dental crowns are incredibly common, with millions of Americans getting them placed each year. Crowns are such a … Continue reading

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